WV Parent Training & Information Center

West Virginia's PTI Center

WVPTI is the state's designated Parent Training and Information Center (PTI) and receives funding from the federal Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs.

We serve parents and families of a child or youth from birth to age twenty-six with special needs.

We serve children and youth with special needs from birth to age twenty-six.

WV PTI's goal is to ensure effective parent engagement by providing parents/families of children with disabilities information, education, and advocacy skills which are essential in helping their children succeed. WV PTI's staff are members of many committees and policy-making councils to ensure the needs of parents of children with disabilities are considered.

WV PTI provides support and information for families who have children and youth with disabilities or special needs (beginning at birth through 26 years).

WV PTI staff members are involved with trainings provided by the U.S. Department of Education/Office of Special Education Programs. CPIR, Center for Parent Information and Resources, is a resource for information and products to WV PTI. In addition, Regional Parent Technical Assistance Centers (PTACs) gives advice for our region. Region 2 PTAC is located at the Exceptional Children's Assistance Center (ECAC).

WV PTI's trainers have the background and information to assist parents/families of children with special needs. They support the parents/families in finding access to the appropriate special education programs and related services which their children need to succeed with educational goals and functional outcomes. Additionally, our trainers are parents of children with disabilities who bring an understanding and empathy to their positions.

WV PTI Governing Board of Directors reflect our goals and a majority of them are parents of children with special needs or professionals who work in the disabilities field.

WVPTI is committed to assisting parents of children and youth with disabilities by providing information, individual assistance, relevant information and training. WV PTI assists by:

  • Meeting the challenging expectations established for all children, including college and career ready academic standards or independent living goals.
  • Ensuring inclusion in the general education classroom and extracurricular activities.
  • Preparing for achieving positive postsecondary goals to lead lives that are as productive and independent as possible.

WV PTI supports parents/families of children with disabilities by providing quality, relevant, and useful information to meet their challenges.

Trainings & Services

  • Information to meet the needs of parents and families of children with special needs who might be facing educational or language barriers
  • Information for conflict or dispute resolutions
  • Direct support in the development of IEP (Individual Educational Program)
  • Support and assistance with understanding the child with special needs procedural safeguards, rights, laws and regulations
  • Assistance and support for parents/families of children with special needs to understand the collaboration process with educators and professionals who provide special education, early intervention, transition, and related services.

How WV PTI Can Help

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Enhance Lives

Enhance Lives WV PTI enhances the lives of parents/families of children and youth with disabilities by providing training, information, referrals, and resources to support them through challenges their children face in accessing educational or community programs. WV PTI trains families to learn about the laws and programs in special education, their parental rights/their child' rights, and understand the procedural safeguards.

Support Families

Support FamiliesWV PTI supports parents/families collaborating with the school personnel to overcome any challenges which special education students might have at school such as getting educational assistance, acceptance from their peers, high academic expectations, the identification process of addressing their child's strengths/weaknesses, and finding a network of support.

Empower Families

Empower FamiliesWV PTI services are about empowering families to be advocates for their children. Research shows when parents are involved in their children's education, positive outcomes occur. Our services strive with the parents/families cooperation to increase the child's academic aspirations, better self-esteem, and successful transitions to decrease the likelihood of dropping out of school.

Parent's Involvement

Parent's EnvolvementWV PTI believes parent's involvement is a major factor for their child's higher achievement level. Every child should have access to an education which leads to self-sufficiency, employment, and meaningful community involvement. WV PTI believes the parents are the experts about knowing their child and their input is an important resource. Our resources and trainings are providing parents with the tools and information to help develop the educational goals for their child from early intervention through transition, independent living skills, career readiness, and other post-secondary outcomes.

The WVPTI Parent Engagement Specialists (PES) are parents or family members of children with disabilities. The PES has faced many of the struggles and issues that families are currently addressing. One of the most crucial resources that WVPTI brings to the table is the parent perspective. "Having been there and done that" experience makes a huge difference when working with families. It goes without saying that there is an unspoken understanding between parents and families that is unmatched.

Support Services

  • Parent Engagement and Empowerment (Leadership Training)
  • Training and Support on a variety of special education topics statewide
  • Information, Dissemination, and Referral Services (fact sheets and materials)
  • Community Outreach (Bringing everyone together)
  • One-on-One Consultation (record review, attendance at meetings and WVPTI Meeting Attendance Protocol, goals and planning, etc.)
  • GoTo Webinar and phone trainings to support parents/families that can be done from their homes at various scheduled times.
  • Annual parent conference focusing on special education topics